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The Ottoman History Podcast has just published an interview with S. Taglia, on drug use in the late Ottoman Empire

The podcast is an overview of the ongoing research that Stefano Taglia is currently undertaking. This project intends to analyse the relationship between the State and drug addicts in the late Ottoman Empire.

It fits within the emergent academic field interested in the issue of a modernising state and its changing perceptions of its population, which shifts from being regarded as 'subject' to an active citizenry. The research also analyses how drug addicts became the focus of medical studies, interested in the pharmacological and pathological effects of prolonged exposure to drug use, within the broader interest of the Ottoman state to ensure a able-bodied population which is productive, both a foundation of the modern mind-set of the state and the image that Ottomans wanted to project for European consumption. The interview can be accessed here.

18. 2. 2019