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D Gershon Lewental: "Radical Islam: What Makes it 'Radical'?"

The Oriental Institute cordially invites to a lecture by D Gershon Lewental, Lecturer of Islamic History in the Department of Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, Shalem College, Israel, titled "Radical Islam: What Makes it 'Radical'?" at Czech Academy of Sciences Building (Národní 3) in Room 108 on Tuesday October 9, 2018, 17.30. Details here.

D Gershon Lewental is a cultural historian of the Middle East, focusing on how societies use religion, memory, and conflict to define and maintain their identities. He is a lecturer of Islamic history at Shalem College in Jerusalem, Israel, and taught previously at the University of Oklahoma. He earned his BA from Cornell University and his doctorate in Middle Eastern history from Brandeis University. His dissertation, on the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah during the Arab-Islamic conquest of Iran and the changing perceptions of the engagement through time, received the Foundation of Iranian Studies Best Dissertation Award and the Brandeis University Glatzer Dissertation Prize. His fields of specialisation include early Islamic history and historiography, Iranian history, the Bahaʾi faith, and Israeli society.


2. 10. 2018