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“Anthropological Atelier” organized in collaboration with the Austrian Institute for Social Anthropology

On June 7-8, 2018, the Oriental Institute in collaboration with the Institute for Social Anthropology (ISA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences organized an “Anthropological Atelier” entitled Imaginaries and Historiographies in/of Contested Regions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives.


The workshop, convened by dr. Tomáš Petrů (OI) and dr. Martin Slama (ISA), became a platform for presentation of 10 papers, five by researchers from each institute.The papers discussed how political and/or cultural centres can become intellectually challenged by new (social) imaginaries or historiographies as expressions of frictions in and transformations of particular regions and focused on countries and places as diverse as Central Europe, Egypt, Yemen, Tajikistan, Mongolia, the Andaman Islands, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. In spite of the regional diversity, quite a few fascinating parallels have been found. The final versions of the presented papers will be published in a special issue of the OI´s journal Archiv Orientální.

14. 6. 2018