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Oliver Weingarten, M.A., Ph.D.

Oddělení Východní Asie

Telefon: 266 053 521


Early Chinese intellectual history (4th-1st c. BCE)
Classical Chinese language and philology
Textual history: genesis and stratification of early Chinese writings
Cultural history of early China
Discipleship in early China
Courage in early China
2005-2010  doctoral student in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (FAMES), University of Cambridge
1996-1998  graduate studies in the Asia and Africa Institute (AAI) of the University of Hamburg
1998-2000  language studies at the Mandarin Training Centre of National Taiwan Normal University
1996-1998  undergraduate studies in the Asia and Africa Institute (AAI) of the University of Hamburg
2013-today  research fellow in the Oriental Institute.
2012-2013  teaching fellow at Masaryk University, Brno.
2009-2011  teaching fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
2009-2010  substitute teaching and supervisions at the University of Cambridge.
2008             fixed-term assistantship at the University of Zurich.
2006-2007  substitute teaching and supervisions at the University of Cambridge.
2002-2003  tutor for Classical Chinese, University of Hamburg.
2014  Three-year grant from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation (no. RG-003-EU-13) over 17,000 euros for the project “Courage in Early Chinese Texts (c. 4th–1st c. BCE)”.
2014  Taiwan Fellowship, awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan, for a three-month research stay at the Institute of History and Philology at the Academia Sinica, Taipei, Sep.-Nov. 2015.
  • co-organiser of  the conference “Reading the ‘Masters’: Contexts, Textual Structures, and Hermeneutic Strategies”, Masaryk University, Brno, September 5–6.
  • co-organiser of the conference “The Analects: A Western Han Text?”, Princeton University, November 4-5, 2011.
  • referee for Archiv Orientální, Asiatische Studien / Études Asiatiques, T’oung Pao, Sunkyun Journal of East Asian Studies
  • member of the Society for the Study of Early China, the American Oriental Society, Association française d’études chinoises, Deutsche Vereinigung für Chinastudien
mezinárodní odborné, recenzované články
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