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Department of South Asia
Email:  lutfi@orient.cas.cz
  • Anthropology-history
  • Military studies
  • Diasporas
  • Anthropology of international relations
  • Indian Ocean
  • State and violence
Ameem Lutfi is currently working on a book project that traces the intertwined history of global arms and mercenary trade. It builds on his doctoral research work on the movement of South Asian mercenaries in the Persian Gulf.
2018--            Postdoctoral Fellow. Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences.
2017-2018   Teaching Fellow. International and Comparative Studies, Duke University.
2017-2016    Visiting Faculty. Habib University (Karachi, Pakistan).  
2018    Ph.D, Department of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University. Thesis: “Conquest without Rule: Baloch Portfolio Mercenaries in the Indian Ocean.”
2013    M.A Department of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University .
2008    B.A (Hons.), Asian Studies, University of Texas (Austin).
Journal Articles
  • "Our City, Your Crisis: The Baloch of Karachi and the Partition of British India." South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies (2016): 1-17. Co-Authored
  • “The Baloch Network behind Bahrain’s Regime Stability.” Insights no. 189. Middle East Institute at National University of Singapore.
Conferences Organized
2018    Strongmen and Networks: The Rise of Informal Diplomats. Asian Research Institute, National University Singapore. December 11-12th.
2017    Order Beyond Borders: Sovereignty and Citizenship in Asia and the Indian Ocean World, Habib University, March 17-19th.
2015    The Many Histories of the Present: Pasts and Possibilities in the Muslim World, Duke University, April 17-19th .

Selected Presentations
  • “Informal but Legal: Military-Labor Networks in the Arabian Sea.” Panel: Order Beyond Border. American Historical Association Annual Meeting. Washington D.C, 6th Jan 2018.
  • “Mercenaries Bring the World Together.” Workshop: Beyond Bedouin and Bania:  Arabia-South Asia Relations. Fourth Muhammad Alagil Arabia Asia Conference. Singapore, 7-8th December 2017.
  • “Polythetic History of the Baloch World.” Panel: White Stripe- Minorities in Pakistan.  Annual LUMS Social Science Conference. Lahore (Pakistan), 8th April 2017.
  • “Can Gwadar be China’s Road to the Persian Gulf?” Workshop: Silk Roads, Muslim Passages: The Islam Question in China’s Expansion. Second Muhammad Alagil Arabia Asia Conference. Singapore, 29-30th July 2015.
  • “Social World of Bahraini Police.” Workshop: The Arms Trade, Military Services and the Security Market in the Gulf. Annual Gulf Research Meeting. Cambridge (England), 24-27th August 2015.
  • “How Baloch Military-Labor Shaped Omani Sovereignty”. Panel: De-Centering Muscat: Makran, Zanzibar and the Omani Empire in the Indian Ocean. Annual Middle Eastern Studies Studies Association Conference, Denver (USA), 17-20th November 2012 .