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Dr. Daniel Sungbin Sou

Oddělení Východní Asie

Telefon: 266 052 488
Sociální a právní historie rané Číny
Kulturní historie rané Číny
Intelektuální historie rané Číny
Náboženství a exorcismus v rané Číně
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2013 Ph.D., Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Dissertation: In Government’s Service: A Study of the Role and Practice of Early China’s Officials Based on Excavated Manuscripts
University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 2006 M.A., Department of Religion Thesis: To Become a Sage-King in Huainanzi
University of Korea, Seoul, Korea, 2000 B.A., Department of Philosophy
Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea, 1998 B.A., Department of Korean Philosophy
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
      Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences, 2016-present
     Pennsylvania State University, Abington, Pennsylvania, Spring 2013-present
     Division of Arts and Humanities
     Courses: What is Asia: Modern East Asian Thought, Religion, and Society (ASIA 100)
                     Gender, Family, and Society in East Asia (ASIA/HIST 183)
                     The History of Traditional East Asia (HIST 174)
                     Chinese Society and Culture to 1800: Pre-Modern Chinese Law and Society (HIST 483)
                     Introduction to the Religions of the East (RL ST 003)
Visiting Lecturer
Rutgers University, Camden, New Jersey, Fall 2011
Department of History
Course: East Asian History I (HIST 516:231)
Chinese Instructor
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2010-2011
     Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Courses: Chinese 011 and 012
Teaching Fellow
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2007-2009
     Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Courses:   Introduction to Chinese Civilization (2007, 2008)
Introduction to Japanese Civilization (2008)
Introduction to Classical Chinese Thought (2009)
Graduate Student Assistant
University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 2004-2006
Department of Religion
Research Assistant
University of Korea, Seoul, Korea, 2002-2003
Department of Philosophy


“Living with Ghosts and Deities in the Qin 秦 State: Methods of exorcism from the Shuihudi 睡虎地 manuscript.” From Mulberry Leaves to Silk Scrolls: New Approaches to the Study of Asian Manuscript Traditions, Vol. 1, Justin McDaniel and Lynn Ransom, eds. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015. (forthcoming)
“Shaping Qin Local Officials: Exploring the Systems of Values and Responsibilities Presented in the Excavated Qin slips.” Monumenta Serica, 61 (2013): 1-34.
Paul R. Goldin 金鵬程 and Daniel Sou 徐誠彬, “Jianbo yanjiu xiwen lunzhu mulu”
簡帛研究西文論著目錄 [“Ancient Chinese Manuscripts: Bibliography of Materials in Western Languages”], ed. Dai Weihong 戴衛紅 and Wu Wenling 鄔文玲, Jianbo yanjiu 簡帛研究 (2010): 272-90.
“The Gwaneum Cult in the Three Kingdoms Period of Korea.” Sino-Platonic Papers, No. 182 (2008): 55-83.


Prezentace odborných článků
“Living with Ghosts and Deities in the Qin 秦 State,” at “Penn Ghost Project: Cross-Cultural Approaches to Ghosts, Mediums, and Healing,” Mellon Granted Workshop, University of Pennsylvania, PA, October 2013.
“A Note on the Liye Household Registers,” Oriental Club of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State University, PA, March 2013.
“Paths toward Centralization in Early China,” Oriental Club of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, PA, May 2012.
“A Tomb Inside a Tomb: An Outsider’s View of the Mawangdui Painting” at “New Material, New Methodologies, and New Perspective: Change in China’s Ancient States and Societies,” Department of History, Beijing Normal University, China, August 2009.
“Exorcism and the Function of Qin Local Government in the Book of Days,” Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies, Villanova University, PA, November 2009.



Language Teaching Assistantship, University of Pennsylvania, 2010-2011.
Benjamin Franklin Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2006-2010.
Dean’s Summer Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2009 and 2010.
Presidential Prize, University of Pennsylvania, 2007.
Graduate School Research Assistantship, University of Georgia, 2004-2006.
Sungkyun Honorable Scholarships (6 semesters), Sungkyunkwan Univesrity, 1993-1997.