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Taiwanské sinologické přednášky

Prof. Hu Siao-chen, Director of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica:


Burning the Midnight Oil: The Making of Verse Narrative Texts by Qing Women


Monday August 24, 2015, at 10:00-12:00 AM at the Fairbank Library, Oriental Institute, Pod Vodárenskou Věží 4, 182 00 Prague 8.

Abstract: This talk will explicate the reception and production of a particular form of narrative fiction. Tanci (彈詞), a genre of performing art popular in southern China, consists of both spoken and sung sections rhymed with seven-character verses. During the late imperial period, its format was borrowed in fiction and welcomed by female readers, inspiring them to write their own texts. Tanci thus became a textual space for female self-expression and literary imagination. This talk will focus on the reading, writing, transcription, circulation, and publication of the female tanci narrative in order to demonstrate the significance of this genre for our understanding of Chinese literature, especially in terms of its selfawareness in literary creation and the issue of female resistance to / compliance with society.


Prof. Hu Siao-chen´s profile.